Hair Transplant Cost in Mexico: Viable Solutions for Hair Loss Cases

Doctors and other professionals have recognized that baldness—in men, and especially in women—is not to be taken lightly. In many cases, this can lead to depression, anxiety, and loss of self-esteem.
Fortunately, people suffering from baldness can now resort to a highly effective solution: hair transplants. The procedure has gained popularity in the last few decades, benefitting a large number of men and women all over the world. Nowadays, hair transplants are more affordable and viable than ever, especially in some countries where rates are generally lower. You may want to find out more about the cost of hair transplant in Mexico, for example, and see for yourself how much savings you can generate.


A Mexico Hair Transplant Will Cost Nothing Compared to Landing a Job

John Capps, founder of Bald-Headed Men of America, had an interview carried over Huffington Post Live. He said his hair had started thinning at a “young age” and was all but gone when he finished school and was looking for work. One of his prospective employers, a finance company in Atlanta, declined his application due to corporate image issues with people with thinning hair on the team.

Some might roll their eyes on this kind of bias, but the fact remains that certain appearances could influence employment opportunities. For people in Baja California, visiting hair restoration facilities, like the Baja Hair Center, would be a good start in exploring opportunities and finding out how much a hair transplant in Mexico would cost.

Consider Hair Restoration in Mexico: Bad Habits that Cause Hair Loss

It’s established fact that the average person tends to lose between 50 to 100 hair strands everyday, but are you feeling that you might be losing more? Perhaps it’s because you’re seeing a lot of your hair strands on places like your pillow, your comb or even the back of your shirt.

Aside from genetics, conditions like trichotillomania, or the uncontrollable urge to pull out hair, are often attributed to hair loss, but did you know that your everyday habits can also contribute (and consequently lead) to you losing your crowning glory? Before undergoing hair restoration in Mexico, here are the everyday habits that could be the cause of your hair problems.

Mexico Hair Transplant: Surprising Causes of Hair Loss Among People

Hair loss is often attributed to old age, and therefore it’s often said that younger people need not worry about losing their hair. The question is: what if you wake up one day and see numerous strands of hair clinging to your pillow or caught in your comb while brushing? Noticing these things should already warn you that you’re in danger of losing more of your hair everyday.

When you ask medical and hair experts about the cause of your hair woes, they would almost always blame genetics for this, meaning that if someone in your family was bald or also suffered from hair loss, then you’re bound to experience it as well.

Need a Hair Transplant? The Cost of Hair Transplant in Mexico is Lower

Few things are more important to people than their hair. After all, it makes up a big part of their overall attractiveness, and people will spend exactly what they need just to get their hair styled the way they want it. Similarly, people who are suffering from baldness will go to great lengths just to get their hair back. The best option in this case is to undergo a hair transplant procedure, though many people may hesitate due to matters of pricing. Thanks to time and advancements in technology, however, the costs have gone down considerably.

Typically, hair transplant costs are calculated based on either the cost per graft or cost per session. The costs of healthcare in the West have made some people jump abroad where medical procedures in general are cheaper. The cost of hair transplant in Mexico, for example, tends to be lower than in the United States; this has made Mexico one of the world’s top destinations for affordable hair transplants.

Hair Restoration in Mexico: Effective Remedy to Male Pattern Baldness

A full head of hair has been associated with mostly positive traits like strength, virility, youth, and power. Unfortunately, not every man enjoys the perks of a magnificent mane. Approximately 70 percent of all males suffer from male pattern baldness, otherwise known as MPB or androgenic alopecia. “Suffer” is the key word here. With hair loss almost always follows low self-esteem, social withdrawal, depression, and in very rare cases, even suicide.

The aforementioned effects are why patients often resort to solutions like youth-restoring hair transplants in Mexico, where practitioners offer the procedure at more affordable rates. Here’s a look at male pattern baldness in detail: what causes it, who is at risk, and how its effects can be combatted.

Consider a Hair Transplant in Mexico to Gain More Self-Confidence

Since when did hair loss equate to a drop in potential revenue?

While many people might not see the connection between balding and profitability, a web developer for a U.S. contact software company told Main Street’s S.Z. Berg that he lost a fifth of his contacts—mostly from the cosmetics or hair care companies–as soon as he started losing hair. Thankfully, after receiving hair transplants, the ‘curse’ was lifted, and the trend was reversed.

Baldness has a history of affecting outcomes in the field of business and employment. In a live interview by the Huffington Post in 2013, John Capps, founder of the Bald-Headed Men of America, shared his experience as a youth looking for a job. Capps was denied a job in Atlanta because the company did “not have room for a bald head.”