Free Accommodations for Patients Getting Hair Transplant in Mexico

“Planning to get a hair transplant in Mexico? Relax and focus on your upcoming chance to be a fully-haired person again. If you come to us for your needs, Baja Hair Center will take care of your accommodation while you’re in town for the procedure. Patients from Southern California and Mexico get a FREE one-night stay worth $150 at The Recovery Boutique in Tijuana. Patients flying in from other locations get a FREE two-night stay worth $300.

Hair loss is never something to take lightly. With every strand that falls down the drain, you lose a piece of yourself and your confidence. Fortunately, a hair transplant can put the hair back in your scalp—and the confidence back in your stride. As in any other surgical procedure, you’d want the services of a doctor with a proven track record and experience.”


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